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Van Makers Agree to Publish CO2 Data

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Van manufacturers have promised to release CO2 emission figures for their vehicles, giving UK businesses the vital information they need to procure and use the most appropriate environmentally friendly transport.

The move follows a six-month campaign by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), whose members rent and lease out around 320,000 vans in the UK. Following the agreement, the BVRLA will now maintain pressure on the SMMT to ensure that the CO2 data is released into the market quickly.

“We understand that the SMMT is now in discussion with the Department for Transport about publishing the emissions figures, probably via the Vehicle Certification Agency,” said BVRLA director general, John Lewis.

“In the meantime we are still working with consultants at Clifford Thames to provide the data on our website within the next few weeks.”

A record number of nearly 340,000 new vans hit UK roads in 2007, led by medium and large sized models. According to the Department of Transport, vans are now the fastest growing source of road transport CO2 emissions, accounting for around 15%.

Since 1 January 2008, manufacturers have been required to register the CO2 emissions (based on engine emissions) for all new vans. Although the data is published in Germany and some other EU countries, manufacturers have chosen not to publish figures for vans sold in the UK.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) has said this is because it has concerns about the way in which CO2 is measured for vans. It claims that the figures are not accurate enough when you take into account the huge variety of body configurations (tipper, Luton, panel van, etc), vehicle weights, payloads, etc that can be used with the same van engine.

The European Commission is currently reviewing the way van emissions are measured – unfortunately this could take years.

“When our Members talk to their customers they are regularly asked for information about van emissions,” said John Lewis.

“Many of them are operating thousands of vans and their decisions have a major impact on the UK environment.”

About the BVRLA:
The BVRLA is the trade body for companies engaged in the leasing and rental of cars and commercial vehicles. Its members provide short-term self-drive rental, leasing hire and fleet management services to corporate users and consumers. They operate a combined fleet of 2.6 million cars, vans and trucks, buying 44% of all new vehicles sold in the UK. Through its members and their customers, the BVRLA represents the interests of more than two million business car drivers and the 10 million people who use a rental vehicle each year. As well as lobbying the government on key issues affecting the sector, the BVRLA regulates the industry through a mandatory code of conduct.

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