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BVRLA welcomes connected vehicle funding

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The BVRLA has welcomed the news that driverless car research has received a £20 million boost from the Government.
Eight new projects successfully bid for the investment, as part of the government's £100 million Intelligent Mobility Fund. They range from developing autonomous shuttles that will carry visually-impaired passengers to new simulation trials for autonomous pods that could increase uptake and improve real-world trials.
Driverless vehicle trials are already underway in Bristol, Coventry, Milton Keynes and Greenwich and the government is prioritising investment in this technology so that the UK automotive sector can keep pace with rapid developments in the US, Germany, South Korea and Japan.
“It is reassuring to hear that this funding competition was oversubscribed and that such a diverse array of organisations and projects have ended up securing investment,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney.
“The government needs to continue spending this £100m wisely and we hope to see more and more real-world testing of exciting new autonomous and connected vehicles.
“As the purchasers of nearly half of all new vehicles sold in the UK each year, the vehicle rental and leasing sector will play a massive role in driving the uptake of next-generation cars, vans and trucks. Our members will be developing the mobility services and business models of the future.”