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BVRLA responds to ACEA position paper on vehicle data access

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The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has today outlined its official stance on how vehicle data should be accessed and provided to third parties.

The BVRLA believes that access to connected vehicle data will be a vital enabler in delivering the fleet management and mobility services of the future and welcomes ACEA’s decision to publish its official position. However, the BVRLA has serious concerns about the potential implications ACEA’s scenario could present for vehicle owners and their ability to access a range of independent repairers or develop innovative vehicle data-based services.

“We completely agree with ACEA’s assertion that access to vehicle data needs to be provided in a standardised format that is safe, secure and provides fair competition,” said BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney.

“We have significant concerns over how OEMs plan to assert complete control over access to vehicle data using their cloud-based server or ‘extended vehicle platform’.

“This may be addressed by ACEA’s reference to the concept of an independently operated ‘neutral server’ that could gather data from vehicle manufacturers, providing multi-brand access.”

The BVRLA is already working with its members to explore potential use cases for connected vehicle data and how access to this data should be provided. The association is also liaising with a range of fleet and motoring organisations in the UK. Leaseurope, which represents the BVRLA and similar national trade bodies across Europe, is co-ordinating activity in Brussels. 

“Survey after survey has shown that vehicle owners think connected vehicle data belongs to them and they should decide who it is shared with. They also want to preserve their freedom in choosing where their vehicle gets repaired,” added Mr Keaney.

“The ACEA paper refers to ‘vehicle users’ but makes almost no reference to vehicle owners. It is now imperative that motor manufacturers start addressing the specific data access requirements of a very significant group of vehicle owners and purchasers – leasing and rental companies.”

The publication of the ACEA paper came in the same week that the European Commission published its strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems.


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