Technical & Operational Management Committee

The Technical and Operational Management Committee has been operating for a number of years with the objective of steering the content of the TOM forum.

TOM Forum membership costs £240 per member, which allows two delegates to attend each of the three forums events throughout the year, further details can be accessed from the quick links on the right. One of the main areas of work currently being undertaken by the committee is a project to develop a vehicle recall database which will allow members to be notified electronically of vehicles which are subject to recall notification. Other areas include: manufacturers support terms, impact of changes to the motor vehicle block exemption regulation and developments in telematics and the impact on SMR budgets. 

Committee objectives are:

  • To stimulate discussion and debate on general issues of vehicle, service and repair, as well as vehicle and contract administration.
  • To improve communications between vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and BVRLA members.
  • To promote practices and administration improvements to provide added protection for member's companies under their ‘duty of care’ responsibilities.
  • To discuss and review impending legislation to protect BVRLA members' interests and promote constructive legislation of benefit to the supply chain.
  • Working to protect and improve the sector's competitiveness, organising benchmarking exercises, as necessary, to identify and spread best practice in the sector.
Contact Company Name (Contact) (Contact) Role Start Date
Dave Tanner Lex Autolease Ltd Chairman 16/02/2018
Kit Wisdom Tusker Vice Chairman 08/06/2017
Darren Adams Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Member 02/11/2017
Jeremy Barfour-Awuah BVRLA Member 21/11/2019
Gary Bishop SG Fleet Solutions UK Ltd Member 21/11/2019
Amanda Brandon BVRLA Member 03/11/2016
Martin Brown Marshall Leasing Ltd Member 01/01/2016
Clive Buhagiar Alphabet (GB) Ltd Member 06/11/2018
Neil Dixon LeasePlan UK Ltd Member 01/01/2016
Anthony Dowdall Zenith (Solihull) Member 29/05/2019
Nina Field Arval UK Ltd Member 14/01/2020
Mark Hammond TC Harrison 1960 Limited Member 01/01/2016
Fran Hampson BVRLA Member 24/10/2017
Cliff Irvine Hertz UK Ltd Member 01/01/2016
Chris Joyce   Member 26/04/2017
Gerry Keaney BVRLA Member 10/04/2018
Nora Leggett BVRLA Member 03/11/2016
Phil Turle ALD Automotive Member