ZEV mandate gives UK chance to lead the way in Europe 

The BVRLA has welcomed the contents of the technical consultation on zero emission vehicle mandate policy design, as shared by the Department for Transport today. Clear trajectories for the implementation of the mandate, split based on the uptake of cars and vans, give the UK the opportunity to secure the vehicle supply required to meet demand and support the nation’s drive to Net Zero. 

Commenting on the technical consultation, BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney, said:  

“The ZEV sales mandate is a vital part of the UK being able to reach its Net Zero targets. Its effective implementation will be the difference between the UK leading the way for decarbonisation or falling behind the rest of Europe. The consultative approach taken by the Department for Transport has been commendable and the BVRLA is pleased to see many of the association’s key considerations included within the plans. 

“We welcome the acknowledgment that vans require a different trajectory to cars, which has been a cornerstone of the BVRLA’s engagement on this issue. In the face of the worst supply crisis the industry has seen for generations, trajectories need careful consideration and must be kept under review as the supply chain stabilises.  

“The use of ZEV certificates, incentivising certain types of vehicles and different usage, is a crucial part of the delivery. Indeed, they will be a critical tool in alleviating the current supply issues and can ensure the flow of vehicles to channels such as rental and car clubs. The BVRLA will continue to work with the DfT to ensure those certificates are apportioned in a fair way and give due consideration to the distinct needs of fleets.” 

As the trade body for the vehicle rental, leasing and mobility services sector, the BVRLA’s members own and operate around four million vehicles in the UK. The sector is already responsible for the majority of battery electric vehicle registrations, with BVRLA members responsible for around half of new vehicles sold in the UK each year.