Welsh government launches clean air consultation

The Welsh Government has launched a consultation on its clean air plans inviting feedback before 20 March.

Proposals include improved air quality monitoring, strengthened powers to address vehicle idling as well as looking at emissions from industry and indoor burning of wood and coal.

In relation to road transport the Welsh government will;

  • Review the role of vehicle access restrictions in reducing roadside pollution, including road user charging and bans on the most polluting vehicles
  • Publish an interim Clean Air Zone (CAZ) framework by March 2020
  • Explore the potential to align opportunities of CAZs and Low Emission Zones (LEZs) with wider initiatives such as toll roads, CAZs with vehicle restrictions and schemes to incentivise the scrapping of the most polluting vehicles
  • Include measures to promote the uptake of low emission vehicles in the strategy, particularly in rural areas with limited public transport services
  • Examine the role of freight and logistics in the strategy.

The deadline for submissions is 10 March 2020. Members who would like to respond can do so on the Clean Air Plan for Wales website.

To find out more about Clean Air Zones and what different local authorities are proposing see the BVRLA’s CAZ map.