ULEZ expansion coming soon

It is now less than three weeks until 25 October, when London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expands up to, but not including the North and South Circular Roads.

Transport for London (TfL) has advised that many Londoners have already taken action to prepare and 80 per cent of cars seen travelling in the expanded zone now meet the required emissions standards. Additionally, 6 in 10 households in the expanded zone do not own a car.  

On 1 March 2021, tougher standards for heavy vehicles operating within the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) were introduced. A new report shows that, six months on from their introduction, these changes are already delivering results. 95 per cent of large and heavy vehicles operating in London now meet the standards, up from 48 per cent in February 2017 when the scheme was announced.  

The LEZ also has significant benefits outside of London, with independent analysis from Environmental Defense Fund Europe showing vehicles that passed through London’s LEZ went on to drive through 95 per cent of the major towns and cities in England and Wales, bringing air quality benefits to a combined population of 18 million people.  

There are also wider economic benefits to cleaning up London’s polluted air. Research published by the Confederation of British Industry has shown that improving air quality in London would provide an economic benefit of almost £500 million per year to the local economy.  

There is a vehicle checker to see if vehicles meet the ULEZ standards on the TfL website. 

Members can also access a Clean Air Zone awareness toolkit to promote the merits of rental and leasing to those requiring a cleaner, compliant vehicle.