Transport Select Committee inquiry into self-driving vehicles 

The Transport Select Committee is scrutinising the development and deployment of self-driving vehicles for use on the roads (also known as connected and autonomous vehicles).  

The Committee is particularly interested in evidence that addresses:  

  • likely uses, including private cars, public transport and commercial vehicles; 
  • progress of research and trials in the UK and abroad; 
  • potential implications for infrastructure, both physical and digital; 
  • the regulatory framework, including legal status and approval and authorisation processes; 
  • safety and perceptions of safety, including the relationship with other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and conventionally driven vehicles; 
  • the role of Government and other responsible bodies, such as National Highways and local authorities; and potential effects on patterns of car ownership, vehicle taxation and decarbonisation in the car market. 

If you have a view on any of these points, let the BVRLA know at [email protected]

More information on the Law Commission website