The sustainability challenges of urban logistics

Director of Sustainability Europe at UPS, Peter Harris, joins the BVRLA blog community to investigate the ‘last mile’ and the challenge of how we can make urban logistics sustainable in the modern world.

In his blog, Peter observes; “The challenge we face with regards to climate change is a real and imminent threat. The last few years have been transformational, but changes in our everyday lives still need to take place for this threat to decrease, including changes to urban logistics. With the rise of e-commerce, cities are facing increasing amounts of congestion from delivery vehicles, negatively contributing to the environment. So how can we make urban logistics sustainable in the modern world?”

Talking about the last mile, Peter tells us; “UPS has been spearheading partnerships to ignite a new conversation about urban logistics, which has revealed innovative ways to deliver and collect packages whilst minimising congestion and pollution and promoting operational efficiency. Solutions such as e-bikes for last mile deliveries allow us to reduce the number of delivery vans in congested urban areas, which in turn reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and remove the challenge of curb side access.”

Read Peter’s blog: Can urban logistics be sustainable in the real world?

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