The importance of logging your learning

BVRLA Learning & Development Programme Manager talks about the importance of logging your learning.

So, what did you learn this year?

Taking the time to invest in our own continuous professional development may seem unachievable when we are so busy with our day-to-day jobs, but often we are learning and developing our skills as we carry out our day-to-day business.

Be it through our daily work activities, talking and listening to colleagues, mentoring and sharing experiences, attending industry conferences, reading trade press or watching videos, there are so many ways that we are building knowledge and developing skills without even realising it.

We don’t always appreciate that we are investing in our own professional development by doing these things and with access to e-learning and online webinars, it has never been easier to make the time to train – without even leaving your desk.

Often it is only formal training courses or accreditations that we consider when thinking about our professional development activities, but it is worthwhile capturing everything as the year goes on to evidence your continuous learning and development. A training log provides a great means of doing this.

Spending just a few minutes every month will allow you to build up your log and before you know it, you have a complete picture of your year’s learning activities. It can also be used to provide evidence of your compliance to the BVRLA Code of Conduct and if relevant to you, the FCA regulations. Perfect for the annual review process too.

But remember, that the true value of a training log is identifying what you learned and how you will apply that learning to support your own career progression? The year end can also be a good time to identify where you have knowledge gaps and make a plan to fill those gaps in the year ahead.

Any members wanting to discuss how best to fill those knowledge gaps should drop me a line.

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Ina Hobden

Learning and Development Programme Manager, BVRLA

Ina joined the BVRLA in November 2018.