Sheffield and Bristol consult on CAZ plans

Sheffield and Bristol City Councils have launched a consultation on their clean air plans, with both councils considering a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) covering all vehicles except private cars.

In Sheffield the CAZ would charge pre-Euro 6 diesel and pre-Euro 4 petrol LGVs and taxis £10 per day, with a higher £50 charge levied on HGVs, buses and coaches. The council has notably requested £50 million of support from government to help affected van and taxi drivers.

Bristol City Council is consulting on two options. The first is a charging CAZ and the second is a diesel car ban. Option one would charge non-compliant taxis and LGVs £9 per day, with non-compliant HGVs, buses and coaches paying £100 to enter the zone. Option two would ban all diesel cars within a specified area between 7am and 3pm, seven days per week. Option one’s CAZ proposal also includes a partial diesel car ban on two specified roads (Upper Maudlin Street and Park Row) within its additional measures.

Further resources and information about how these CAZs will impact the fleet sector are available on the BVRLA website, as is the association’s helpful interactive CAZ map which shows the current status of clean air plans across the UK.

The deadline for responding to the Bristol consultation is 12th August and for Sheffield is 25th August. The BVRLA will be submitting responses to both consultations. For further information and to share your views please visit the Bristol City Council website and the Sheffield City Council website. Bristol will also be holding drop-in sessions for local residents and businesses, details of which are also on the Bristol City Council website.