Rental vehicles and terrorism

The BVRLA and its members continue to work closely with law enforcement organisations and government departments on security matters relating to our industry. This follows a spate of terrorist attacks during 2017 where rental vehicles have been used as weapons to injure and kill innocent people across the UK, Europe and beyond.

The National Counter Terrorism Police Headquarters (NCTPH) has produced a suite of promotional material for BVRLA rental members which includes an A4 poster to be displayed in branches and an online banner for display on websites. The BVRLA is recommending to members that they use this material as together, as a vehicle rental community, we must do all we can to deter terrorists.

Links to these materials are available at the bottom of this page.

Further information and additional resources can also be found on the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website.

The BVRLA is asking members to remind staff to stay alert and be vigilant, reporting anything suspicious to the police. The message is: If you suspect it, report it. The Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321 - 999 and 101 can also be used.

BVRLA members are also being encouraged to review their security procedures to ensure that the measures they have in place are current and that staff are prepared and confident with those procedures.

Things to think about:

  • Encourage staff to share information about a suspicious customer
  • Be consistent with your due diligence and pre-rental customer qualification checks.
  • Vulnerable people are often used to hire cars on behalf of criminals/gang members. Look out for nervous young adults, male or female, who maybe have another individual with them waiting nearby. Report your suspicions.
  • Renter not driving? The credit card may be fraudulent or being used without permission. Exercise caution too when the on-line credit card method of payment differs from the card presented at the counter.
  • Check your CCTV cameras – are they working?
  • Make sure your staff are identifiable and wearing name badges/identification.
  • If you are investigating an overdue vehicle rental and preparing a BVRLA evidential pack to report a stolen vehicle – report the stolen vehicle at the earliest opportunity.  You will find the police supportive.

Members are asked to provide Nora Leggett at the BVRLA with a named contact for both in and out of hours should the police require a secure contact as part of an investigation.

Counter-terrorism promotional material supplied by National Counter Terrorism Police for use by members

A4 Poster - for members to print and display in branches

Online banner - for members to display on website homepage

Members can direct any media enquiries relating to terrorism to [email protected] or [email protected] in the BVRLA communications team.

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