New Course: Selling Electric Vehicles to Fleet Customers

With consistent exponential growth in the take up of Electric Vehicles, and almost a quarter of new vehicle registrations being either Battery Electric or Plug in Hybrid, EV leases and rentals are more popular than ever.  

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New customers entering this market for the first time may be hesitant in taking their first EV and will be looking to their supplier as a trusted advisor. A new BVRLA instructor-led online course prepares attendees to have the knowledge and confidence to be precisely that. 

The first date for this new course is 8 June 2022. Aimed at sales, account management and customer facing teams who may deal with customers in the direct process of acquiring an EV for the first time, this course is suitable for staff at all levels in businesses such as: 

  • Leasing companies 
  • Leasing brokers 
  • Dealerships and dealer groups 
  • Salary sacrifice organisations 
  • Daily rental companies.  

It will also provide useful insights for staff in fleet and operations and other driver support roles in the industry. 

At the end of the course, attendees will: 

  • Understand what factors need to be incorporated into their sales process to specifically address any underlying customer concerns 
  • Know how best to position their marketing and pre-sale activity to capitalise on customer interest 
  • Have confidence in helping to educate customers in the leasing or rental process for an EV 
  • Understand how to give customers the full picture when leasing or renting an EV – and avoid customer frustrations post-sale. 

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