Neuroscience course supports sales staff

As the country shows signs of recovery, the focus on returning to normal business levels will now be a priority for many BVRLA members, and staff who work in sales roles will need to be fully supported.

The BVRLA’s Neuroscience to Increase Fleet Sales course has been designed specifically to enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting to make a proven and positive effect on business fleet performance. In the rental and leasing sector, where communication is a key competence, it is particularly relevant across many disciplines. 

Delegates will gain a good understanding of how they can change their behaviour to improve performance, understand their customers’ buying preference and how to Influence and learn the art of persuasion. 

During the course learners will cover: 

  • Principles of effective learning – using the unconscious mind 
  • Understand your behaviour style when selling 
  • Learn how to build rapport quickly with prospects and customers 
  • Learn how our neurology, language and programming influences our performance 
  • Master the art of persuasion using language patterns 
  • Chunking up and down to qualify prospects & customers effectively 
  • How do we model the top performers in the company? 
  • Use of the Meta Position – uncovers generalisation - distortion and deletion of important information 
  • Understand body language at a deeper level 
  • Personal development. 

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