Members are reminded about tyre safety

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency found that 1-in-12 tyres were underinflated when they conducted a trial using new technology as part of a scheme funded by Highways England.

The scheme, which is now being drawn up for a nationwide rollout, also found that 5,000 commercial vehicles were carrying a payload that was over the weight restrictions during the month-long trial.   

Highways England’s innovation fund financed the trial, which used technology including a set of high-intensity strobe lights, all-weather cameras and drive-over pressure instruments. These all collect data which allows for adjustments to be made to ensure that tyres are compliant with safety standards. 

The BVRLA’s commercial vehicle inspection involves vehicle checks and two of the main concerns and trends are problems with tyre pressure and tread depths.  

Members are reminded that both must be within a tolerable level of the government ruling and manufacturer guides. If any of these are found to be unsafe, the whole inspection is an automatic failure, regardless of the main score and the member will be subject to a re-inspection.  

Information on the BVRLA audit programme, contact [email protected] for any additional queries.