Mayor needs to work with industry if Net Zero targets are to be met

Commenting on today’s announcement from the Mayor of London detailing plans to reach net zero by 2030, BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney, said:

“We welcome the Mayor of London taking the initiative with these plans, which complement the BVRLA’s ongoing support for shared mobility models and a clear roadmap for road pricing. Importantly, this announcement gives the industry time to implement the changes that are essential to making the targets reality. 

“London does not only have an emissions problem, it has a congestion problem too. We need fewer, cleaner private cars on the road. Car clubs, alongside rental and leased vehicles provide the solution to this while keep people mobile and offering positive alternatives to public transport. 

“From electric car clubs to zero-emission delivery vehicles, BVRLA members are already providing the answers to the problems faced in London and beyond. Our members will play an essential role in the success of these plans and will have invaluable insights that will help the mayor deliver; we need to be at the table and ensure our voices are heard.” 

More information on the Mayor of London's plans is available in this article.