Market trends and manufacturing breakthroughs

Over fifty delegates attended the BVRLA’s Residual Value and Remarketing (RVR) Forum at GWM ORA in Solihull last week. Expert speakers came from Autotrader, Motorway, Indicata and Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton provided two presentations. The first gave a cautiously optimistic outlook for the economy, before the second looked at the future of automotive manufacturing and potential for the costs of building a car to reduce significantly over the next few years.

Autotrader provided a like-for-like update from its presentation a year ago. The session showed how the new and used markets for EVs are performing and presented insights on the fluctuation of new EV models.

Motorway, a new Associate to the BVRLA, showed how its online auction model works and is gathering interest from the rental and leasing industry. Indicata compared the UK’s used market with the rest of Europe, revealing that the UK market is significantly ahead of the rest of Europe when considering used vehicle supply/demand ratios.

Presentations from the Forum can be viewed by subscribers on the RVR Forums website page.

Attending the BVRLA’s forums requires an annual subscription fee. It will be possible to attend the remaining RVR Forum of 2024, which will take place on Tuesday 19 November at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire. Tickets are available on a pro-rata basis.

BVRLA Residual Value & Remarketing Forum - November 2024.