Mandate matters

How different types of vehicle manufacturers will approach the Zero Emission Vehicle were explored in detail at last week’s Fleets in Charge Deep Dive event. The ‘Zooming in on the ZEV mandate’ round table gave member delegates the chance to have their questions answered to understand what the Mandate will mean for vehicle supply from 2024 and beyond.

The event was anchored by research from ICDP, commissioned by the BVRLA. That research looked into how the ZEV Mandate works and where there might be ‘wrinkles’ that inform how a manufacturer will ensure compliance.

The second half gave practical indications of how manufacturers with varying products mixes may change their strategies to meet the terms of the Mandate. With opportunities to bank, borrow, exchange and trade ZEV credits, the routes to compliance are varied and will influence how vehicles are made available to BVRLA members.

Writing on LinkedIn, one delegate said: “If you thought you knew how the mandate would operate - yesterday was an eye opener!”

The BVRLA will continue to support members as the practical applications of the Mandate become known. Members may also wish to consider the “ZEV Mandate. Are you ready?” course from the learning and development programme.