Making London’s lorries safer consultation

Transport for London (TfL) has issued a report in response to its previous consultation on Direct Vision Standard (DVS).

TfL would also like BVRLA members to take part in the testing of the online permit portal. If you would like to do this, please email the BVRLA Policy team.

A statutory (and final) consultation will run until 23 May 2019 and amend existing traffic regulations. This incorporates feedback from the previous consultation. Some changes in response to that feedback are:

  • Driver Training – driver training, while highly recommended is not a mandatory requirement for obtaining a permit. A list of training providers of will be included on the permit application portal.
  • HGV Safety Permit – for HGVs that meet the minimum DVS star rating (one star in 2020) permits will be issued automatically once the online application has been completed.
  • Enforcement – further guidance on the enforcement process for the scheme.
  • Appeals Process – more detail on the appeals process regarding any Penalty Charge Notice issued under the scheme

View the report on the TfL website

Any objections to the proposals should be raised via the TfL website or by email to [email protected].