Make your electric vehicles count

The BVRLA has launched its first-ever EV Census to collate an accurate picture of how many electric cars and vans are on the collective BVRLA fleet.

This is a great opportunity for the association to demonstrate how collectively, BVRLA members are driving the transition to electric in the UK and all members are encouraged to ensure that their figures are included.  

All BVRLA members with cars or vans on fleet have been sent an email addressed to the primary named contact, which includes a link to a short form requesting details of their electric cars and vans as at the end of 2020.   

All the data will be collated anonymously, shared back with members, and used to support key decarbonisation policy objectives: 

  • A fair and simple tax and incentive regime that provides a long-term roadmap for driving decarbonisation.  

  • Ensuring that the whole fleet sector plays a part in shaping the ICE phase out and decarbonisation delivery plan. 

Data is required within the next ten days. Those who have not received the request but are able to provide the information should email BVRLA Research & Insight Manager, Phil Garthside.