Listen to the ‘Legacy of COP26’ podcast

In a live recording for the second of the newly launched ‘In Conversation with’ podcasts from the BVRLA, Fiona Massey from Zenith Vehicles and Laura Holloway from EHI speak to the BVRLA’s Head of Policy & Public Affairs from the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

In response to the Conference’s ‘Transport Day’, the guests give a breakdown of how the COP26 will impact the industry and their thoughts on if the summit was a success, while also responding to questions submitted by the live audience. 

Each episode of the BVRLA ‘In Conversation With’ podcast sees the association speaking to high-profile guests within the rental, leasing and fleet world as they talk candidly about their careers, the industry and what is coming up, or in response to updates from the Government that will impact members. 

In Episode 1 - Autumn Budget, the BVRLA was joined by Harvey Perkins and Chris Sewell from HRUX to discuss the latest Autumn budget and the effects it will have on the industry.  

Episode 2 – Legacy of COP26.