Leasing Broker Statistics (2018 H2)

The overall rate of growth in 2018 has maintained those of 2017 levels at +10%.

Key Findings (Cars)
• PCH continues to dominate the sector. 57% of contracts are PCH compared to 52% of contracts in 2017.
• 64% of new contracts in 2018 were PCH.
• Business contract hire represents 38% of cars on fleet down from 42% in 2017.
• The total number of BCH contracts stabilised in 2017 but new contracts declined by 5%.

Key Findings (Vans)
• The total number of new contracts for vans grew by 284 units in 2018 reversing the reduction seen in 2017. (Down 1571 units)
• Business contract hire dominates with 62% of total fleet and 70% of new contracts.
• A small but ongoing decline in the van sector for finance lease is becoming apparent.
• PCH now represents 4% of the sector and 5% of new contracts.

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05 Feb 2019

Leasing Broker Statistics (2018 H2) Full Report