July saw uplift in customers taking vehicles abroad 

Several indicators monitored by the BVRLA are showing signs of an uplift in drivers taking their vehicles abroad. 

As well as an increase in demand from members for VE103 certificates, the association has also seen a 79% increase in the number of people visiting the Taking a Vehicle Abroad information on the BVRLA website compared to the previous month. 

Another indicator is that Eurotunnel has suddenly appeared as one of the most popular referral sites where people are linking through to the BVRLA website for information. 

Members are reminded to make customers aware of the importance of carrying a Vehicle on Hire certificate (VE103) when taking their rented or leased vehicle overseas. Simply logon to the BVRLA website and download the free printed, digital and social media material from the Taking a Vehicle Abroad Communications Toolkit to get the message to customers. 

Those needing extra stock can purchase VE103 pads or single certificates directly via the BVRLA website.