Leasing Broker Statistics (2018 H1)

The latest Leasing Broker Research published by the BVRLA for Jan to June 2018 shows that the total number of vehicles on contract is up 5% from the end of 2017 at 302,413, a net increase of 15,187.

However, the growth rate is slowing, the total number of new contracts in this period is 45,855 compared to 50,140 during the same period last year.

For cars growth appears to be driven largely by Personal Contract Hire (PCH) with 61% of new contracts in the first half of 2018 being PCH.  5 years ago, in 2013, 26% of all car contracts were PCH now that proportion has risen to 55% of all car contracts.

Other highlights include:


  • PCH is beginning to dominate the sector 55% of cars on fleet
  • Business contract hire represents 40% of cars on fleet.
  • 61% of new contracts in first half of 2018 were PCH and 35% were business contract hire



  • Market share by product type is stable in the van sector
  • Business contract hire has increased over the last 5 years from 62% in 2013 to 69% so far this year.
  • Finance lease has 32% share and the recent decline appears to have stabilised.
  • The BVRLA carries out leasing broker research twice a year, providing the industry with an understanding of the size, scope and scale of the leasing broker sector.  The data includes, market trends, and activity within the broker community.

BVRLA members can access a full version of the report.

31 Aug 2018

Leasing Broker Statistics (2018 H1) Full Report


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