HMRC Call for Participation: VAT and EVs

The BVRLA has been engaging with HM Revenue & Customs around VAT and EV charging. HMRC published guidance on this area earlier in the year, but questions remain.  

HMRC is now researching how businesses recover the VAT on the costs of charging electric vehicles (EVs) and would like to hear from BVRLA members. 

The objective of the research is to understand the challenges relating to the recovery of VAT for charging EVs. HMRC is also interested to hear the thoughts of members on how to make the process easier and efficient for all parties involved, plus how any changes suggested could mutually benefit VAT registered businesses and HMRC. 

Members interested in taking part in this research should email in the first instance, and the BVRLA team will provide further details. 

The BVRLA welcomes HMRC’s continued efforts to proactively look at the issues the association makes it aware of.