Green transition given green light

22% of new car sales in 2024 will need to be for zero-emission vehicles after the ZEV mandate was officially approved by Parliament last night (4 December).

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate maps the UK’s transition away from petrol and diesel vehicles by setting annual targets for new vehicle sales. It comes into effect from January 2024, with 22% of cars, and 10% of vans sold next year needing to meet the zero-emission criteria as set by the mandate.

The targets increase annually until zero-emission vehicles account for 80% of new car sales and 70% of vans in 2030. The trajectory to reach 100% by 2035 is yet to be signed into legislation.

Last night’s vote in Parliament formally approved the Mandate on its current terms. It will now go through the formality of being signed off by the King in time to come into effect in the New Year.

This latest development does not change the terms of the Mandate, most recently announced in September. Members can familiarise themselves with the ZEV mandate in several ways: