Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040

The BVRLA has submitted a formal response to Transport for Greater Manchester, in answer to their call for feedback on their 5-year draft delivery plan.

The longer-term aim for the 2040 Transport Strategy is that 50% of all journeys in greater Manchester will be made by walking, cycling and public transport by 2040. The transport vision is that Greater Manchester will provide world class connections that support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all.

The BVRLA’s response has highlighted how BVRLA members are leading the way in providing transport solutions which move away from ownership to usership - which is a key part of the transition to increased usage of public transport and more active travel.

The BVRLA response also emphasises how BVRLA members are well placed to help with the behavioural change needed to meet the Road to Zero targets. Members will contribute to the uptake of electric vehicles due to the large number of new vehicles purchased and the frequency of fleet replacement cycles. Statistics from the BVRLA Plug-In-Pledge were included to emphasise the point.

Evidence from the BVRLA Mobility Credits Scrappage Scheme paper launched this week was also included to demonstrate how the offer of credits in exchange for a household scrapping their old polluting vehicle is advancing the shift away from private car ownership towards more sustainable modes of travel, such as public transport, car clubs or rental journeys, therefore supporting the aims of TFGM. The response also highlights how a mobility scrappage scheme is an option that is available to all, not just the most affluent and how it offers an excellent solution to support behavioural change which will take longer to fully evolve.

In response to the commitment TFGM have outlined in the draft delivery plan to minimise the need for road freight deliveries to reduce congestion and improve air quality, the BVRLA has asked TFGM to consider retrofit grants, tapered charges and exemptions for night time deliveries. The BVRLA have also urged TFGM to speak with Transport for London to hear more about how BVRLA members are supporting a van scrappage scheme to help small businesses and charities.

See the consultation response on the BVRLA website