Energy UK joins the BVRLA blogging community to talk tax

Joseph Cosier, Policy Executive at Energy UK, has joined the BVRLA Blogging community to share his views on why tax reform is needed to encourage drivers to transition from internal combustion engine to low carbon vehicles.

In his blog, Joseph explains how the power sector has led the way in reducing carbon emissions in the UK economy with three quarters of emissions reductions since 2012 coming from energy generators. This means that powering our cars with electricity is now the cleanest choice to make.

Joseph observes that alongside this progress new questions are emerging, not least the issue of how to ensure that the tax system can keep pace with the rapid transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs).

Pure EV drivers currently pay neither fuel duty nor VED, meaning that road transport decarbonisation will require a change in how and on whom fuel duty is levied if government revenue is to be maintained. Joseph acknowledges that this is a politically sensitive topic, but a frank and full discussion is vital to enacting meaningful change.

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