DVLA progress on Electronic Solutions

The DVLA’s Fleet User Group has provided a comprehensive update to the BVRLA on a range of projects it is working on and has highlighted that services are currently back to pre-pandemic levels with no backlogs.

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency would like to update members on  

  • VED Cheque Refund Removal – The DVLA has produced a detailed cost benefit analysis on this proposal and the next stage is for this to go to the DVLA Board for approval on development. In addition to this, DVLA are looking at options for change of address and bulk disposal. However, no changes will be implemented until 2022 at the earliest. 
  • V11 removal – The DVLA will be looking to implement a one V11 reminder per fleet approach for vehicles which can’t be re-licenced electronically. Currently members receive multiple V11s every month in separate envelopes. There will also be an option to suppress all V11s. This should be implemented within six months. 

Members who have a large quantity of transactions, for example bulk fleet code changes or bulk changes of address, should contact the DVLA fleet help desk in the first instance with details of quantities and the changes needed and this will then be scheduled in.  

If you have further questions on these updates, contact BVRLA’s Director of Fleet Services, Amanda Brandon.

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