DVLA Fleet User Group update

The BVRLA recently attended the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA)’s Fleet User Group and received updates in several areas.

The updates included: 

  • EV Re-licencing – currently vehicles in the electric vehicle tax class cannot be re-licenced in bulk through the DVLA’s systems. This has now been approved for development along with including vehicles over three years old in the bulk re-licencing system. No date for implementation is known. 

  • Apply for a replacement V5 (V62 process) – members who need to get hold of a replacement V5 will be able to use an email request service rather than the paper application fast track process, which should speed up issuing of the document. The service is going through its final pilot and will be live very shortly. 

  • Fleets Data Cleanse – the Fleets Help Desk at DVLA is currently checking to ensure it has two contacts for each fleet code. In addition, for any fleet codes where there are no vehicles present, the DVLA will check with the member concerned to determine whether that fleet code should be archived. 

  • V11 vehicle tax reminder – the V11 reminder to tax a vehicle is being piloted in a new format for fleets which allows operators to receive one V11 for all the vehicles which need taxing in their fleet. The format is for one form to be issued with an accompanying list. The pilot has been successful, and it is expected that the new service will be on offer in the new year. In addition, if members would like to not receive any V11 reminders as they are confident in their own electronic systems, they can email the Fleets Help Desk at DVLA, fleetshd@dvla.gov.uk and ask them to supress the V11 reminders. 

Also, the BVRLA is liaising with the DVLA to get the EV mileage range added to the V5 vehicle registration document and is hopeful of some progress in this area soon. There are currently several requests with the DVLA regarding new data for them to collect.