DfT sets fees for operators’ licence for LCVs

The UK is progressing with plans to introduce an operators’ licence regime for vans going abroad, including those taken between Northern and Southern Ireland.

BVRLA members’ customers taking vans across the EU border to transit goods for commercial purposes will be required to have an operator licence from May 2022. 

The Department for Transport has now set the fees for the operator licence regime for LCVs as follows: 

  • Application for a licence – £257 
  • Issue of a licence – £401 
  • Continuation of a licence after 5 years – £401 
  • Major change to a licence – £257. 

The BVRLA is recommending that members raise awareness with their customers now so they can start preparing for the change, as some customers may need to appoint a transport manager and demonstrate good financial standing to the Traffic Commissioners. 

See the DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Road Worthiness, which explains what a maintenance programme looks like, and Being a goods vehicle operator on the GOV.UK website. which includes general guidance on goods vehicle operator licences.