Coventry confirms no Clean Air Zone

The government has written to Coventry City Council in support of its air quality proposals which means that the city does not need to introduce a charging Clean Air Zone.

Coventry must now submit a final full business case by 19 June to provide further details on its proposed schemes to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions.

The BVRLA has worked closely with Coventry City Council to support an approach that explores alternative air quality mitigation measures that may be more appropriate than Clean Air Zones.

Coventry’s modelling has shown that commercial vehicles and HGVs are not the main issue for the city, so a CAZ which penalised HGVs would not have been fair.

Additionally, Coventry will take part in a Transport for the West Midlands pilot project for mobility credits. Drivers in Coventry could be paid to scrap their cars and receive credits to spend using a smartphone app or Swift travel card, on public transport, taxis, bike shares or a car club.

This UK-first scheme will be trialled in Coventry in 2021 and could be rolled out across the region if successful.

More information on the Coventry City Council website or see the BVRLA Clean Air Zone campaign page.