Charging focus for next Fleets in Charge webinar

The Fleets in Charge calendar kicks off next month with our webinar focused on ‘Untangling the charging conundrum’. 

Last summer the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) warned the UK public charger network needed to expand tenfold by 2030. The first Fleets in Charge webinar of 2022 will put this issue under the microscope, delving into the wide array of charging needs, available options, and the biggest challenges we’ll be facing to keep zero emission vehicles sufficiently fuelled. The webinar will bring together the usual variety of industry expert and government views to give you crucial insights and the opportunity to quiz the speakers on your most pressing concerns. 

This 60-minute webinar will take place at 9am on 16 February and anybody, including non-members, can register to attend the live event. 

Details of other upcoming webinars, including tomorrow’s member-only ‘A spotlight on fleet customers’ and the chance to watch previous ones again can be found on the Webinars page of the BVRLA website.