BVRLA response to Oxford Zero Emission Zone

Oxford City and Oxford County Council set out their intention to introduce a Zero Emission Zone, known as the Red Zone, from December 2020.

Vehicles that fail to meet zero emission standards will incur a £10 daily charge to enter the zone. Charges would apply to all non-compliant vehicles, including HGVs and vans that enter the city centre between 7am and 7pm. There will be discounts for all blue badge holders entering the zone until December 2024. As well as exemptions for businesses registered in the Red Zone until December 2024, followed by a discount until December 2030.

In it’s response the BVRLA raised concern about the impact this may have on commercial vehicle operators who would need to travel into the zone to deliver essential goods and services to the local community and businesses. It highlighted that there is currently a very limited supply of vans which meet the criteria, and these will also have long lead times. Furthermore, no HGVs will currently meet the standard.

The councils recognised some of the concerns that had been raised in the consultation response and was due to enter a formal consultation period which was put on hold due to Covid-19. The councils plan to resume the consultation in late 2020, and a view to implement the scheme in the Summer of 2021.