BVRLA response to Law Commission's Automated Vehicles Consultation

BVRLA response to Law Commission consultation on Autonomous Vehicles

In its response the BVRLA stressed the importance of safety in use. It welcomed the Law Commission’s proposals regarding the use of autonomous vehicles where there is a User in Charge and the fact that there will be no new liabilities on BVRLA members in this scenario.

The BVRLA has also welcomed the proposal where there is No User in Charge and the suggestion that there are separate bodies responsible for the manufacture/development and day to day operations of autonomous vehicles via the ‘licensed fleet operator scheme’. The BVRLA believes this will support healthy competition and allow innovation, which a single entity could prevent. However, questions remain about how such a scheme would operate and ensure fair competition and consumer consumers protection.

Concerns about access to data were also flagged in the response. The BVRLA asked the Law Commission to highlight this as an area for urgent review in its recommendations to Government.