Quarterly Leasing Survey 2020 Q2 (Summary)

The BVRLA’s 2020 Q2 Quarterly Leasing Survey provides a wider and more accurate perspective on what is happening in the market.

The total car fleet was down 5.2% year on year at 1,385,338 vehicles.

The BVRLA total LCV fleet stood at 424,925, up 2.1% year on year.

Market share for battery electric cars continues to surge, up to 5.5% for new registrations and 1.8% for total fleet.

Average CO2 emissions for BVRLA member new car registrations, fell from 109g/km in Q1 2020 to 107g/km in Q2 2020 and average CO2 emissions for the whole BVRLA car fleet dropped from 112.0g/km to 111.3 g/km over the same period.

BVRLA members can access a full version of the report.