BVRLA publishes its Spring Statement letter to the Chancellor

The BVRLA wrote to the Chancellor Philip Hammond in advance of the Spring Statement reminding him of the importance of getting the tax regime right to support the fleet sector.

The letter, sent to the Chancellor on 25 February, emphasised the influence of BVRLA members and made clear the importance of getting the tax system right, particularly around WLTP.

In his letter, BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “The unintended tax rises from the transition to WLTP is an added complexity that the sector could do without. The government has an opportunity to act, giving some respite and certainty to the industry.”

Issuing a press release following the Spring Statement on 13 March, the BVRLA Chief went on to say: “Failure to have clarity on a future tax strategy will cause uncertainty for thousands of fleets and company car drivers, which is damaging to both the economy and the environment.

“In our recent meetings with Treasury, Department for Transport, BEIS and Downing Street officials, we have emphasised the importance of getting the tax system right and have made clear what the adverse impact will be on our sector if they fail to address vehicle taxation, particularly relating to WLTP.”

Read the BVRLA’s letter to the Chancellor on the BVRLA website.

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