BVRLA lobbying to prevent hike in VED for motorhomes

The BVRLA is backing calls for motorhomes to be reclassified as commercial vehicles in order to prevent a massive hike in vehicle excise duty (VED).

New emissions regulations mean that the CO₂ values for all vans and cars must be stated on the paperwork from 1 September 2019. Since a motorhome is based on a commercial vehicle chassis but has a unique vehicle classification of M1, this means a new motorhome registered with DVLA will, for the purposes of VED, be moved out of the commercial vehicle tax band, Private/Light Goods (PLG), and will be taxed as a car.

Consequently, the first year VED for a new motorhome could increase from £265 (PLG rate) to as high as £2,135, depending on its CO₂ values.

As the BVRLA has motorhome rental businesses in membership, it has made representations to HM Treasury. The association is also backing the campaign by the National Caravan Council for an urgent minor amendment to the Finance Bill, to reclassify motorhomes as commercial vehicles for the purpose of VED.

Information on vehicle tax rates can be found on the GOV.UK website.