Budget 2020 Submission

Budget 2020 is an opportunity to set the tone for a new decade. A decade in which the transition to decarbonised road transport will be lost or won.

The BVRLA has written to the Chancellor calling for policy clarity from a united Government working across departments to allow our sector to drive zero-emission vehicle adoption. This clarity is most needed with regards to the incentivisation measures that Government will provide up to 2025.

We believe that five clear years of foresight will accelerate zero-emission vehicle uptake, safeguarding Government plans for demand-driven decarbonisation of transport.

We have asked that the Chancellor looks to:

  1. Continue Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) to 2025
  2. Publish Company Car Tax (CCT) rates until 2025
  3. Raise BEV VED surcharge threshold to £55,000
  4. Launch VED Review
  5. Support zero-emission fleets
  6. Continued Support for Future Mobility Zones