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Slump in new car sales continues

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The new car market fell for a sixth consecutive month in September, with a 10.1% decline in fleet registrations and a 21.7% fall in diesel sales, year-on-year.

Overall registrations shrunk by 9.3%, according to the latest SMMT figures, with the society blaming economic and political uncertainty and confusion over air quality plans. The one bright spot was a 41% increase in alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs).

The SMMT reiterated the BVRLA’s warning that the negative diesel trend is in danger of reversing some of the reductions in average new car CO2 emissions. It said that these were in danger of rising this year, for the first time since they started being recorded in 2000.

Year-to-date figures show that the 2017 new car market is currently running nearly 4% behind the 2016 market, with diesel registrations down 13.7%, petrol registrations up 3% and AFV registrations up 34.6%. Private registrations are down by 6.1% while business registrations are down by 1.7%.

Fleet registrations are down by 2.1% so far this year, but the fleet share of the overall market has risen to 51.3%.

You can read more on the SMMT website.