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Nottingham hosts latest air quality roundtable

Nottingham hosts latest air quality roundtable
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Nottingham City Council co-hosted the second in a series of regional air quality roundtables taking place across those cities earmarked for the introduction of Clean Air Zones. The City’s Council, the BVRLA and Energy Saving Trust were joined by the Association of Car Fleet Operators, Fleet News and a number of national and regional fleet operators.

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “It is vital that Clean Air Zones and other air quality measures are not just seen as a punitive stealth tax or piece of red tape. We all want to see fewer, cleaner vehicles used in cities, and the best chance of delivering this new vision of urban mobility will come from working together.”

Nottingham City Council’s portfolio holder for Neighbourhood Services and Local Transport Sally Longford said, “Nottingham City Council is committed to improving air quality, so our citizens can live healthier lives, and to ensure the city is an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest in. Having cleaner fleets is a key part of reducing pollution and improving air quality for any city. As a council, we have begun to upgrade our own fleet to ultra-low emission vehicles where possible and will continue to do this over time. We’re excited to work with business and organisations to help support the move towards cleaner vehicles.”

Andrew Benfield, Group Director of Transport at the Energy Saving said: “Clean air is important to everyone and the Energy Saving Trust is pleased to be supporting Nottingham City Council with initiatives to reduce emissions that cause poor air quality, including this Fleet Summit being held in the city.

“Fleets are an important audience and working with the BVRLA means that we can influence a significant market of vehicles that are leased and rented in large numbers. Although most leased and rental vehicles are the most modern and clean, it’s important to be challenging and supportive of fleet operators through their vehicle choice process.  Energy Saving Trust works with fleet operators to find the cleanest vehicles available to support the campaign to improve the air quality in towns and cities such as Nottingham.”

The BVRLA recently published a new factsheet outlining its proposals for a fleet-friendly air quality policy.

A one-page Position Paper has also been produced to summarise what the association is asking of policymakers and members.