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Members report cases of refusal of VE103 at the border

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Last month, the BVRLA was notified of three instances where customers in a hired vehicle attempted to cross borders and entry was refused despite them presenting the correct VE103 documentation. 

Border control in Poland, Denmark and Germany refused entry on the basis that the driver did not have possession of the original V5 vehicle registration document and the VE103 vehicle on hire certificate was not accepted as authenticated proof of that document. 

The threat of UK registered vehicles being singled out for additional security checks is potentially worrying as peak summer season approaches.

The BVRLA has reported the incidents to the DVLA who confirmed that they have not been made aware of any similar issues recently and with the large number of VE103 certificates issued without any problem, ostensibly the certificate is still widely accepted in Europe. 

It is important that BVRLA members continue to issue VE103 certificates to customers travelling abroad – both on short-term vehicle rental and long-term personal and business contracts as without the documentation, customers risk having the vehicle seized.

Any members who are made aware of cases of VE103 refusal at the border should inform BVRLA Member Services Director Nora Leggett, so we can monitor the scale of the problem.