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Mayor of London highlights cleanest diesels

Mayor of London highlights cleanest diesels
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The Mayor of London has launched an online Cleaner Vehicle Checker which highlights the cars and vans with the very lowest emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

The new service uses the EQUA Index of real-world emissions data developed by Emissions Analytics and has introduced a new EQUA Aq A+ rating for the best performers. It has identified 105 Euro 6 petrols meeting this higher standard, and 11 diesel engines from four manufacturers – VW, Seat, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

To achieve the A+ rating a vehicle must emit no more than 0.060 grams per kilometre of NOx across the real, on-road EQUA Index test, made up of equal portions of urban, rural and motorway driving. This is significantly tougher than the emissions required under the new, official Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulation, under which 0.168g/km is allowed until 2021.