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Mayor considers ‘Car-free days’ for London

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London Mayor, Sadiq Khan is currently considering introducing ‘car-free days’ to tackle air pollution in the Capital. City Hall officials are meeting to discuss how such a proposal may be introduced in certain areas of London on set days, then potentially rolled-out more widely across the City. 

The Mayor already restricts vehicles within parts of the city on certain days for special events such as the London Marathon. Officials will be considering imposing a selection of additional ‘car-free days’ in each London Borough during which vehicles would be prohibited from driving. 

Last year the Mayor revealed research which showed air pollution in London is causing 9,000 early deaths each year. ‘Car-free days’ are the latest in a series of proposals being considered by the Mayor to tackle the pollution crisis.

The announcement comes after Khan presented his Environment Strategy to the London Assembly last week, setting out his vision to make London the greenest city in the world by focusing on clean air, greener streets, reducing waste, and tackling climate change. 

Whilst the BVRLA welcomes steps to improve air quality for Londoners there remains some concern aboutan approach that treats all cars equally, regardless of emissions. The association is working to incentivise the uptake of electric vehicles as well as usage of car rental and car clubs, which are amongst the cleanest vehicles on UK roads. The association will be speaking to the Mayor’s team and Transport for London about the proposal.

Further detail on the BVRLA’s air quality work can be read on the BVRLA website.