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Highways England launch tailgating campaign

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Highways England has today launched a tailgaiting awareness campaign to highlight the dangers and impact of driving too close to the vehicle in front.

The campaign, which is being promoted on TV, radio, social media and large format adverts on the rear of buses, will send the message ‘Don’t be a space invader. Stay safe. Stay back.’

Drivers are also being encouraged to display stickers in car windscreens reminding other drivers to stay safe and stay back. These stickers are being provided free-of-charge as part of the campaign.

According to Highways England, tailgating is a factor in 1-in-8 casualties on the strategic road network, and is a significant issue impacting both safety and the driver’s journey experience.

Highways England hopes that the campaign will help to reduce the number of casualties killed or seriously injured on the road network by increasing awareness of tailgating and driving behaviour change by positioning it as being socially unacceptable.

You can order your free stickers here via the campaign website.