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Ground-breaking project to unlock spare grid capacity

Ground-breaking project to unlock spare grid capacity
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Active Response, a project approved by Ofgem as part of the annual Network Innovation Competition, will trial a responsive, automated electricity network that reconfigures itself, moving spare capacity to where the demand is.

The project claims to have the potential to save customers £271 million and reduce carbon emissions by 448,000 tonnes by 2030.

By 2030 it is anticipated that there will be up to 1.9m electric vehicles in use across London, the East and South East of England where UK Power Networks delivers electricity.

It will be the first time that electricity networks can proactively move spare capacity around the system to support areas that are using more electricity. This means providing additional capacity in residential areas in evenings and at weekends when people are charging their cars, and then moving that spare capacity to where it is needed during the day – such as city centres, commercial hubs or electric fleet charging points.

You can find out more about this ground-breaking trial to unlock grid capacity for electric vehicles here on the Ricardo website.