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Conciliation Service: Complaints provide valuable insight

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In 2017, more than 1700 complaints were handled by the Conciliation Service, of which 27% were resolved in favour of the customer. This represents an annual reduction of 30% which is an indication that members’ processes are improving.

Although leasing broker complaints were up year-on-year, they still represent a very small proportion of the total number of complaints handled by the conciliation service. Last year, 32 leasing broker complaints were investigated. Up from 22 the previous year.

Leasing broker complaints related to delays in delivery dates, wrong vehicle specifications and cancellation fees. 68% of all leasing complaints related to regulated agreements, and 70% related to end of lease charges that the customer believed to be fair wear and tear.

BVRLA Conciliation Service Manager, Sally Catchpole said: “Disputes could be avoided if customers were made aware of the return standards prior to signing the contract and reminded at regular intervals during the lease period, as well as near the end.”

The Conciliation Service works closely with the BVRLA compliance and member services teams to share information on key trends and areas of concern. This information is used to inform our training programmes, Code of Conduct and inspection regime to increase awareness and improve standards and professionalism across the industry.