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BVRLA advises Government on roll-out of new urban transport networks

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The BVRLA has submitted a response to the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles' (CCAV) consultation on the Future of Mobility.

The association consulted with a variety of members to help inform its response, which highlighted the key role that BVRLA members can play in the roll-out of new transport networks.

The association called for consistency and leadership from the Government to support the local roll-out of new, multi-modal transport networks and for recognition of the vital role cars will continue to play within any updated urban transport strategy.

The BVRLA also highlighted its concerns that data protection fears and a lack of regulation around access to vehicle and driver data were already stifling innovation and could lead to some mobility providers gaining an unfair competitive advantage.

The consultation is being used to help the DfT and CCAV formulate a strategy on urban transport which is due to be released at the start of next year.

The BVRLA response in full is available on the BVRLA website.