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Industry calls for action to regulate clocking

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The Department for Transport (DfT) has this week published the outcome of a consultation which included a question about ‘clocking’. 

The consultation, titled ‘introducing roadworthiness testing for fast tractors used for haulage and other technical changes to vehicle testing legislation’ did not contain specific proposals to address odometer fraud (clocking) but sought stakeholders’ views on the issue.

The BVRLA submitted a response to the DfT outlining the concerns of the vehicle rental and leasing industry, which is concerned about the unregulated practice of adjusting a vehicle’s odometer to make it appear that is has had done fewer miles.

The association is calling for the regulation of mileage correction companies, suggesting that they should sign up to a set of standards which only allows them to adjust mileage when there is a genuine need to do so, such as when the odometer fails.

BVRLA members have raised concerns that their leased and rental vehicles are being returned with mileage being adjusted without their knowledge. Broad estimates suggest that as many as 5% of vehicles on personal contracts have had their mileage adjusted. That’s around 70,000 vehicles a year being sold with incorrect mileage.

BVRLA were not alone calling for regulation as there were several other respondents concerned about clocking who were also in favour of legal changes.

The Government have now said that they “will consider further what measures, if any, are needed.”

You can read the BVRLA’s submission to the consultation here.

The DfT’s full outcome document following the consultation can be read here.