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Enhanced leasing broker inspection programme

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The BVRLA has listened to members feedback and taken the decision, with the support of committee members, to introduce two new initiatives that will help to enhance and strengthen the value and effectiveness of the inspection regime.

The rental inspection regime will be more robust with the introduction of unannounced visits, a deeper-dive inspection and a new style feedback report.

The leasing broker inspection regime will be enhanced by introducing:

1. Full day inspections to allow time for looking at member’s compliance monitoring and sales processes, providing a deeper-dive enhanced inspection.
2. More detailed interviews with senior management and other relevant members of staff as part of the inspection to test their understanding of regulatory requirements. 
3. A revised ‘Get Well’ process which may subject members to a further remote desktop review if needed to support the member’s implementation of mandatory polices and registers.

Inspection partners, the AA and CCAS, who carry out member inspections on behalf of the BVRLA have already started to pilot the changes on a selection of rental and leasing broker members.

To find out more about the BVRLA inspection regime, contact BVRLA Compliance and Governance Executive, Adam Holt.